​​NC State Refugee Program Advisory Council

Refugee Assistance Program - Social Services

The Refugee Social Services (RAP-SS) program provides help with employment, adjusting to life in the United States, certain immigration paperwork, and learning the English language.  Other support services such as interpretation and transportation may also be available.  There is no income eligibility criteria for RAP-SS, but services must be provided in accordance with a written service plan.  A person is no longer eligible upon becoming a U.S. citizen.

RAP-SS are provided in order to:

Achieve self-sufficiency as quickly as possible and quickly reduce dependence on public assistance;
Expedite the resettlement process and encourage social adjustment;
Assist refugees with finding jobs and maintaining employment;
Acquire English language skills; and
Acquire Vocational Skills Training and Vocational Education Instruction

RAP-SS includes:

Employment services;
Case Management;
English Language Training;
Citizenship and Immigration Services;
Vocational Skills Training, including Drivers Education and Vocational Education;
Translation & Interpretation services;
Skills Recertification; and
Social Adjustment services, including Information & Referral, Emergency Services, and Health-Related services