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A few good Books & Movies about Refugees & Immigration:

·   Welcoming the Stranger – Justice, Compassion & Truth in the Immigration Debate By Matthew Sorens and Jenny Hwang
·   The Middle of Everywhere – Helping refugees enter the American Community  By Mary Pipher
·   A Long Way Gone – Memoires of a Child Soldier By Ishmael Beah
·   The Spirit Catches you and You Fall Down – A Hmong child, Her American Doctors and a Collision of Cultures By Anne Fadiman
·   They Poured Fire on Us From the Sky – The true story of three Sudanese Lost Boys By Benjamin Ajak
·   When Broken Glass Floats- Growing up Under the Khmer Rouge By Chanrithy Him
·   Asylum Denied – A refugee’s struggle for safety in America By David Ngaruri Kenney
·   The Kite Runner – A young boys perspective of the fall of Afghanistan and the rise of the Taliban By Khaled Hosseini
·   Gran Torino  2008 movie with Clint Eastwood
·   Beyond Rangoon 1995 movie based on true story about an American in Burma during the democratic uprising
·   Rain in a Dry Land  2006 documentary chronicles life of two Somali Bantu families in the U.S. through several years
·   El Norte 1983 movie about two Guatemalan siblings who undertake the treacherous journey north after their family is killed by the army.
·   In This World Journey of 2 Afghan Asylum Seekers in the journey to the UK through human smugglers.