​​NC State Refugee Program Advisory Council

We want to help you get the kind of hard working, loyal employees that can make your business a success! Refugees are highly motivated to become self-sufficient with no dependence upon community resources. Refugees contribute to the local economy by spending locally, living locally, and paying taxes. Best of all our services are FREE!

Why Hire Refugees?

Employment Services include:

Assessment: Assessment of refugee’s aptitude and skills for employment. It includes review and completion of the Employability Plan (DSS-6232), and Self Sufficiency Plan (DSS-6230).

Pre-Employment: Employment services provided to or with the client, include: orientation to the world of work employment counseling,  job fairs, job search, completing job application ,practice with job interviewing; skills development and practice for work activities such as completing applications online; assistance with drug screening; referral to job opportunities and placement agencies, such as the Division of Employment Security for job search Includes staff assistance during job interviews and arranged work experiences. Staff assistance related to TANF/WORKFIRST enrollment and recipient performance requirements

Job Development: Employment activities with potential employers aimed at developing employer resources resulting in job opportunities for clients.

Employment Follow Up: Assisting with problems on the job, explaining employee benefits, safety rules and procedures and other contacts with client and employer after job placement.

Employment Transportation: Actual trips provided in conjunction with employment related services.

Employment placement: Employment obtained by the refugee with the assistance of the service provider.