​​NC State Refugee Program Advisory Council

CWS Profile

Phone:  336-617-0381

Website:  http://cwsgreensboro.org


Grants:  RAP-Social Services (RAP-SS), R&P, MG PCG, USCIS Citizenship Grant 

Services:  Affordable housing, basic home furnishings and household supplies, utility connections and access to a phone, culturally appropriate food,  and sufficient clothing, case management, job preparation, job placement and follow up and emergency assistance.

Location  620 S. Elm St., Suite 315  Greensboro, NC  27406

CWS program areas mainly target education and advocacy, both of which are essential components in confronting the root causes of hunger. By raising awareness about hunger, poverty, water access, trade, human rights, climate change, peace building and other issues in its Speak Out alerts, CWS brings the voices and priorities of its partners and constituents into the halls of churches, community groups, and governments.

Church World Service (CWS)* – Greensboro