​​NC State Refugee Program Advisory Council

CRRA Inc Profile

Phone Number:  704.535.8806

​Website:  http://www.carolinarefugee.org

Grants: Targeted Assistance-Formula (TAP), R&P,  MG

Services: Furnish apartments and stock them with food, help registering their children for school and obtainSocial Security cards, attend classes for English as a Second Language (ESL), employment counselors  Additional grants provide extended case management and employment services, orientation classes, and a small cash allowance.

Location  5007 Monroe Road, Suite 101 Charlotte, NC 28205

The Carolina Refugee Resettlement Agency (CRRA) believes all refugees and asylees deserve the chance to begin successful new lives in the United States.  CRRA’s mission is to enable our clients to become self-sufficient and contributing members of American society by:

Providing resettlement services to refugees and asylees who are escaping violence, persecution, and repression, without regard to their race, religion, nationality, ethnicity, political opinion, or membership in a particular social group.
Connecting refugees and asylees to other service agencies in the Charlotte area.

The agency offers BIA accredited low cost Legal Services as well as Citizenship Preparation Classes

Internships for a wide array of disciplines are available year round

Volunteer Drivers are needed on an ongoing basis

Donations of beds, essential household items and monetary funding are always appreciated

Please visit CRRA’s website:     http://www.carolinarefugee.org/about/default.html

Carolina Refugee Resettlement Agency Inc.