​​NC State Refugee Program Advisory Council

The Lives We Impact

“Our refugee workers are incredible! They are so excited about working and are our most reliable employees. The refugee agencies find us qualified employees and are always ready to help if there is an issue, such as a language barrier, even after they have completed the hiring and training process”


Jane Smith
Bigg Fabrics, INC

“Despite having arrived during an economic recession, we were grateful for all the kind assistance and efforts made by various organizations to meet our basic needs. We now live in an apartment with electricity, running water and heat. We have never slept without food or been denied medical care. The children attend public school while the adults attend ESL classes. In Dulasi, we were given none of these things. Our survival depended entirely on the grace of the Lord."


Refugee from Zimbabwe

Without grants these organizations would not exists.  Click on the links below to learn about each kind of grant.

Case Management


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School Impact

Elder Care

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